Mad Men, Mad Men, Skinny Ties, Mad Men…

Season 5 - Stop looking at Sally Draper like that.

Don’t you – forget about Mad Men. Don’t. Don’t. Don’t Don’t!

And what better way to not forget  than with poster adverts in various stops of the NYC Subway?  An even better way to not forget… Take that same ad and make it whimsical-as-fuck.

If you’re familiar with the opening title sequence of the show, a silhouette of a man in a business suit slowly falls from the heavens (or his 45th floor window) until, well, a very brief version of RJD2’s “A Beautiful Mine” concludes.  Well, the ad is simply the image of the silhouette on the upper-left and a date on the lower right.  That’s it.  Whoooaaaaaaa two seconds to think up.

To the merit of the original concept (but at this point the “new” ads are way better)  anyone who is familiar with the show will get the visual mesage.  It says “Hey it’s the falling silhouette guy…Mad Men…it’s coming back on the air on March 25th.”   It’s as if Don Draper made the ad himself and explained it in a simplistic, romanticized manner to a bunch of assholes in a conference room.  “It’s not a man in a business suit FALLING DOWN, it’s a man RISING UP!”   You know that deep metaphorical butter Don’s always spreading on thick!

Oh wait. Forget it.  This photoshop’d ad is way better.

I'll save you from your failing Jell-O Account...You handsome shit!

And on the topic of the show itself…

Mad Men Season 5 – I expect to see Don Draper grow out some groovy sideburns and start wearing all tweed.  I also expect a bra-burning scene with Joan (No thanks, Peggy) to introduce the women’s lib movement. And finally, I’d even actually get cable instead of watching it on pirated streams if Bertram Cooper is featured in every scene with a bucket of finger-lickin’ KFC.   Until now,  wish-fulfillment is sustained for another 6 weeks before the 2 hour premier on March 25.

And now: Two A-Holes at an Ad Agency in the 1960’s

Thanks, Internet!


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