Bonnaroo – It’s Coachella with Fewer Hipsters!

For those who have trained their eye to read .5 font size…This is a leaked poster of the 2012 Bonnaroo Line-Up. I’ve attended 3 of the past festivals and managed to have a wonderful experience. Usually that experience includes losing an article of clothing, barf-walking at night, and making sure I am the center of attention whenever awake which is typically 22 of the 24 hours in our day.  As our tent-neighbor Bobo proclaimed with much bravado over and over and over again, this is a festival where you must – “Wake up and Rage!”

That said – I’m a bit scared to find out if I can live up to the occasion again.

Thanks, Internet!

Bonnaroo 2012 Line-Up Leaked


Close, but no ciga-roo! The above indeed ended up being a fake with Prince being a huge lie. This right here is the official announcement which came out on Valentine’s Day at Noon EST.

I didn't want a 15 minute Purple Rain anyways...

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