Great! Now Timmy wants to put stickers on EVERYTHING!

Believe it or not – It’s art.


The Obliteration Room - BEFORE

Whoaaaaaa - This room is so artistic!

Here’s what we have here:

So an artist creates an exhibit in a museum where EVERYTHING is painted white in a few different rooms of a typical suburban household and then asks kids to then take a sticker and put it wherever they choose in the exhibit.

N0t-so-secretly, I wish I was 3 years old and an adult told me to “put that sticker anywhere you’d like!”  Where I’d like to put a sticker and where I know I shouldn’t put a sticker would probably short circuit my head and I’d just want to keep the sticker for as long as I could on my fingers. Free sticker – Sha-weet!!  Well, between these two photos I believe there would have been a greater satisfaction to be the first to take that table’s sticker virginity. Who wants to be the 100,000th kid to find an empty space to mark their territory?!

Note: There are several in-between progress shots taken and more details about what the hell happened here, but this caught my eye simply because I liked the visual impact of a “clean” room turned into an absolute assault of brightly-colored polka-dots. Can I get a whut-whut for the PD’s???  I can’t speak for the artist, but my guess is she would have given me my whut-whut for sure.

The Obliteration Room - AFTER

Not enough green stickers = Installation FAIL!

P.S – Someday I hope to give a tour of my home and be able to say to my guests: “So here’s where we make our poo’s and pee’s…and here…is… (opens door) THE OBLITERATION ROOM!!!!  MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!”

Thanks, Internet!

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