It’s Valentine’s Day

Ralph Wiggum - O.G.

This auspicious annual occasion where love takes center stage for most can be downright obnoxious to endure and/or observe. Believe me, I try my best to ignore it every year but then something happens at the beginning of the month, and BAM – it’s about making damn sure I treat my lady right.  Some years I put out a better effort than others; this year I finally…yes, FINALLY had flowers delivered to her place of work.  She was surprised and teary (we commonly chat during the day via IM – that’s how I know this info) and this Hallmark Holiday got a check plus plus. Enough about what I did right…

I’m glad my friends got the memo that today was the day to make sure they reminded everyone they knew today had a special meaning.  There certain times where I know I don’t have to log onto my Facebook account because all of the content is the same:  Proclamations of their love to their significant other, telling other people they should negate the hate and spread the love “just for one day of the year!” or my favorite recent V-Day related posts:  Liz Lemon-isms like “Happy Anna Howard Shaw Day!” and this talented doggie!   I’m glad some of my friends also find the humor in this shit.

Anyways, there are infinite amounts of Valentine’s Day related blogs out there and already having someone you love makes it 1000% easier to not want to read any of them. I’m sure they all contain interesting perspectives ranging from cynical to hopeful to desperate cries for attention. Not this post, not today.

I wanted to share with you a new musical love of mine. Her name is Olga Bell.

Bell, Olga Bell

Cute, right?  Watch this:

I love you, Internet.

Shit, I meant….

Thanks, Internet.

(Damn, now you know…Too early?)


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