Whitney never gave me the time of day – Until Now!

Whitney Houston – She sure is dead.

Let’s make this one quick because I get so emotional (baby) every time I think of “Hou.”  I think we can all be thankful she was killin’ it in the 80’s and early 90’s and left us with one heck of a greatest hits collection and plenty of reasons to catch  highlight reels of Bravo’s Being Bobby Brown.  But let it be known – Whitney Houston was not a crack head.  Here’s all the proof I need:

 You may not believe Whitney when it comes to denying her alleged insatiable urge for “crunch’n’munch” but I think we can all agree on one simple fact:

Whitney sure does look good on household accessories!

I’m not sure who’s buying – but there are apparently plenty of people selling…

You'll always know it's time for more crack with this lovely commemorative keepsake!

Thank  you, Whitney Houston.


Thanks, Internet!

(P.S – This Whitney – No thanks at all.)


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