Name That Dog!

Black face, white paws - Lookin' Sharp, Lookin' for...


Let’s get one thing straight – Golden Retrievers rule your face off. Dogs sometimes will just bite your face off, but Golden Retrievers ain’t about that, you dig?

Yes, I know, the picture below isn’t of an amazing Golden Retriever but life goes on. It must go on.

Last August my parents lost their amazing Golden Retriever, Toby. Keep in mind, for at least 75% of my life – there’s been a Golden Retriever to come home to and hang out with. It was a bummer to lose him, but the pieces were picked up and Toby’s chew-toys and ginormous sleep-pillow were thrown away. The ‘rents weren’t sure if and when they’d bring in another pup to call their own, but after a good stint of becoming foster parents – they fell in love with Buddei. I was quite happy to hear they chose to bring another dog into the house – there’s plenty of nice furniture that hasn’t yet been destroyed.

Truthfully, I was a little bummed to find out he’s NOT a Golden Retriever <gasp!> but he’s not a cat either, so it’s still a win!

Now, originally he was dubbed as Buddei and aside from the weird spelling of Buddy (because people would know it’s “ei” when they hear someone say Buddy) Buddei is a Beagle/Dachshund cross who was found running as a stray on a county road in rural Indiana. He is a cute pup, playful and joyful. He loves toys, balls, and squeakies. He is neutered.

That’s all I know.

So now it’s our turn to…


Original name picked for Benji - Paws Scaggs

If I had to pick a name it’d be either  “Sex Offender” or “Hitler” – So it’s better if you help with suggestions that I can call my own if I like it.

Thanks, Internet


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