Corduroy slacks, decorative butterfly collar shirts from the 70’s and other vintage clothing, an Army satchel marked in Sharpie with all of my favorite bands at the time – none of which were on a major label.

That was my style 15 years ago or so and if I can manage to drop 40 lbs, those raspberry cords & polyester shirts will see the light of day once more! Until that time, they’re trapped in the closet probably confused by the shit I now wear from Old Navy and Target.  My pre-20’s self and current self are trying to find a happy medium – a look that simultaneously hints of a 90’s era Kevin Smith movie and just blending in.

So fuck it. I’m hopping on that semi-recumbant exercise bike and I’ve got one hell of a high-energy workout mix to get back to a svelte shape.

It's not this.

Nope, I crave something that will put me back right back to 1997 when I was on top of my game. Something that’ll get the blood flowing and pulse racing for that ultimate lo-fi twee/indie-pop workout. A collection of songs I used to know and love to get me in the right frame of mind.

Oh hello – Pop American Style.

It's this.

Like the cover boasts – Pop American Style (March Records) contains 40 original artists with 40 original hits plus a special bonus track that folks in Mecklenburg County may be familiar with – the famous Lunch Menu Man.

I picked this up in the fall of ’96 only being familiar with a good handful of the names and hoping for the best.  To me, it still remains to be my favorite compilation of the indie sub-genre.  Many of the tracks are exclusive to this release so the rarity factor also makes it enjoyable.  A discovering disappointment was had when both compact discs had not survived well over the years of wear & tear and traveling with me here’n’there.

SO – I’d like to thank Michelle who runs things over at for tracking a clean copy down and sharing it with folks like me who find themselves in the comfort of a bubble called nostalgia. It truly is a happy place to live inside.

Now if you’ll excuse me – I need to up the resistance on the bike and pedal my way to a size 28 again.

Thanks, Internet!


One comment on “NOSTALGIA!

  1. Michelle says:

    Aww thanks for the plug and glad to get this great comp for ya. Enjoyed the post! 🙂

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