Dubstep – Why?

It sounds like I imagine all music sounding like – 100 years from now. How did we stray so far, so fast?  Or better question – Who is the fucker owning a time machine and decides to go 100 years into the future only to bring us back dubstep??

It truly feels like a government mind-control experiment gone horribly wrong. This is what robots would sound like having a cacophonous seizure.  What’s crazy is that people have learned how to create their own strains of dubstep and it’s spreading too fast to stop it.  Grammy’s are being won for making it and that’s just insane. Where’s Nancy Reagan when we need her?

That’s all I really care to dig into this matter. But before I conclude my thoughts on the relatively new genre of mus– No, I can’t bare to call it such a thing…

Here’s a cat with 3-D Glasses and a mustache glued to its face – on dubstep!

Thanks, Internet!


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