Gettin’ Fat Tuesday

When I was 3 I loved to read. I am constantly reminded by my parents of this fact.

The last book I read was back in 2001 when I was living in Burlington, Vermont; the novel was either Tropic of Capricorn by Henry Miller or Tropic of Cancer by Henry Miller but it doesn’t really matter since I put it down halfway through and never picked it up again to finish it. It’s actually a decent read from the half I recall reading, but I lost interest in reading it for a silly reason.

After hardly touching books in high school & college (Catcher in the Rye was the exception), I started reading again.  The objective was to just try to keep up with the girl I was dating at the time. She was an English major with quite the vernacular and quick-witted which are always turn-on’s*.  She was running laps around me with her courses of study while I attempted to impress by burning through a few books by Bukowski and Bret Easton Ellis – a few others, but all around relatively easy reads. I can’t recall if she gave a damn, but I was impressed with myself. So when the relationship started to fade, so did my interest in expanding my mind – at least with books. I partied a lot instead. Let’s not get into specifics about that right now.

I really have only myself to blame for losing desire to casually read a book and can partially blame my friends for all the partying. Point being that I have the propensity to be a lazy sack of shit sometimes when it comes to keeping sharp wits and an extensive lexicon and staying in shape.

I don’t think I realized this until two weeks after starting this blog, but this is the beginning of getting back on the horse as far as keeping the mind more engaged and I’m already starting to feel the burn there. Reading other blogs (maybe yours?) has also been a new joy. And hellooooo… What’s this that just came in the mail…?

Box of Pain

Oh hello recent purchase from Are you ready for my butt sweat or what?

Indoor kid = Indoor bike

So yeah. I’m ready to give this an honest effort.

I’m ready to waste the waist.

I’m ready to stop putting on Spanx.

Thanks, Internet!

* – Mrs. Thanks, Internet loves books and also taught a year of English in high-school so I guess you can say I have a type. She also put together the exercise bike. I am a lucky man.


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