2 Great Flavors Meant to be Together – Celebrities & Bread.

Dearest Internet,

You’ve given me so much to be thankful for these past few weeks that I have neglected this blog o’ mine, and soon we will be together again. Learning, sharing, revealing – it’s all going to happen and it will feel so natural, so right.

Until we can start seeing each other on a regular basis, I hope this provides you much happiness.

You must try the SevenGrain Snape - It's Wizardly Delicious!

I cannot wait til we venture onto the Internet Superhighway together again.

Thanks, Internet



So today I was hoping to offer the blogosphere something with deeper content, but the internet had a better idea.

No words can describe the magic happening in this video. Except here.

May the sounds contained within this clip haunt you in your dreams as they probably will mine.

No really…

Thanks, Internet!