Should We Yell About the Weather?

BoltBus informed me moments ago that they’d rather not cart my ass to NYC on Tuesday because of Hurricane (Pecan) Sandy and I’m 100% okay with that call – I hate driving in the rain too.

Safety on the road aside, what I don’t understand when serious inclement weather is in our midst that most folks tend to religiously take the weatherman’s prophecies as cold hard fact.  I recall  countless occasions in my formative years getting my hopes up of school cancellations when the weatherman spoke of significant accumulation only to be dismayed early the next morning with a dusting of snow. I would get all hot & bothered by the promise of 6 to 8 inches one day, and severely disappointed by the actuality of a mere few flakes. Why don’t I have my homework ready?  Blame the harlot on TV who teased me sweetly with snowfall throughout, and ditched me with blue-balls when the school cancellations aired on the local news.

Perhaps I’m not fully-grasping the severity of Hurricane (Pecan) Sandy and should heed all warnings and necessary precautions, but usually when something is over-hyped, I’m the last person to accept it’s actual awesomeness until it has come and gone. Like – Why didn’t anyone beat me over the head with The National’s Boxer or Tame Impala’s Innerspeaker?  Where have all my tastemaker-friends gone?

That’s why we need more people like Accuweather meteorologist, Jim Kosek, delivering the weather like he hates delivering the weather. The difference is even when Jim gets the high’s and low’s wrong, he’s still entertaining as f**k. Jim makes it all peanut butter & jelly-time, all the time.


Unfortunately and ironically, Accuweather lost Jim to a television station in Salt Lake City and you know those mormons are known for their sense of humor.

Here’s one more fine display of Jim Kosek’s unique take on the weather:


Now, should fresh hell occur during Hurricane (Pecan) Sandy and the power goes out with no available WiFi – I will curl into the fetus position in the corner of my home and will worship in fear all weathermen & weather-ladies as bonafide Nostradami. For now, I’m not scared of a little rain.

I’m now regretting I didn’t stock up on these.

Thanks Jim Kosek!

& Thanks, Internet!

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