Meowsic for the Masses

Today, an offering from something right out of the history books – The Cat Organ.

Katzenklavier in full effect, y’all!

You might think this to be a joke – but the idea for this musical instrument existed long ago with the premise to amuse and delight audiences who have grown tired of just hearing melody through brass, string, or other popular instruments.  In fact the Cat Organ premise rings all the way back to the 17th century. Even then people were getting bored of the baroque and looking for the next big thing; How far can you really go with functional tonality, am I right?  After all, the word ‘dull’ can be found in dulcimer.

So for a long time, the Cat Organ was simply an imaginative creation that existed just on paper. I’m glad I’m not the only one who thought just leaving it with paper & ink was complete bullshit.

As far as we know, there has been only one man brave enough to champion the future of sound – his name is Henry “Cat-atonic” Dagg. I added the nickname part mostly because I think this guy needs something a little flashier. The other one I came up with was Snoop Dagg.

May the sounds of the Cat Organ (provided by The H-Dagg) haunt your dreams.


And for contrast, the Mouse Organ.


Thanks, Meownternet!

Does Activism Belong In Music?

Happy Leap Day!

To be honest, I couldn’t tell you if this event was an annual occurrence for the fine folks in Louisville, Kentucky but what I can definitely say is myself and Mrs. Thanks Internet are proud to have visited Louisville and even prouder to have marvelous friends that live there year-round.

The line-up for this particular music fest was  just announced this morning and it’s another line-up where I find myself feeling out-of-touch with what the kids are into these days, or attending the shows but just standing there as if they didn’t want to be there in the first place.  You just put down $150 to see and hear shit for the entire weekend,  so move your feet and bob your head. Smiling and high-fives to strangers are 100% optional.

What scares me the most about this festival, consisting of music, art, and activism (Show me what inebriation looks like — Zizz is what..I’M DRUNK, BAHHHHHHH!)  is the fact it’s in July and in the south.  I sweat after getting up to take a pee on a 95 degree day.

Well, you probably looked at the .jpeg first anyways, so here’s the line-up for FORECASTLE –  B.Y.O.Flying Ship Balloon!

Who the F are half these bands? Only one way to find out! DL their music illegally!

When Outside Magazine calls this one of the “Top 15 outdoor festivals in the country” – You better believe it!  That’s all they know!

Thanks another festival we probably can’t really afford to attend despite how much fun we will probably have.


Thanks, Internet!

Great! Now Timmy wants to put stickers on EVERYTHING!

Believe it or not – It’s art.


The Obliteration Room - BEFORE

Whoaaaaaa - This room is so artistic!

Here’s what we have here:

So an artist creates an exhibit in a museum where EVERYTHING is painted white in a few different rooms of a typical suburban household and then asks kids to then take a sticker and put it wherever they choose in the exhibit.

N0t-so-secretly, I wish I was 3 years old and an adult told me to “put that sticker anywhere you’d like!”  Where I’d like to put a sticker and where I know I shouldn’t put a sticker would probably short circuit my head and I’d just want to keep the sticker for as long as I could on my fingers. Free sticker – Sha-weet!!  Well, between these two photos I believe there would have been a greater satisfaction to be the first to take that table’s sticker virginity. Who wants to be the 100,000th kid to find an empty space to mark their territory?!

Note: There are several in-between progress shots taken and more details about what the hell happened here, but this caught my eye simply because I liked the visual impact of a “clean” room turned into an absolute assault of brightly-colored polka-dots. Can I get a whut-whut for the PD’s???  I can’t speak for the artist, but my guess is she would have given me my whut-whut for sure.

The Obliteration Room - AFTER

Not enough green stickers = Installation FAIL!

P.S – Someday I hope to give a tour of my home and be able to say to my guests: “So here’s where we make our poo’s and pee’s…and here…is… (opens door) THE OBLITERATION ROOM!!!!  MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!”

Thanks, Internet!